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Get Fit with Tamara's Personalized Programs


Frustrated with lack of results from your workout routine? Tamara Gehring, a certified trainer and massage therapist in Chestermere, has the solution.


Tamara offers customized fitness, nutrition, and mindset coaching programs - both online and in-person. Her holistic approach combines physical training, meal planning, and positive mindset techniques for real, lasting transformation.


Whether you're local to Chestermere or anywhere else, Tamara's online programs provide expert guidance from home. In-person sessions are also available for a truly personalized experience.

At Chestermere Mind Body Connection, you'll focus on the best techniques guaranteed to deliver the fat loss results you want. No more wasting time on ineffective workouts.


Tamara Gehring, the studio's founder, is not only a certified personal trainer but also a massage therapist, reflexologist, yoga instructor, and nutritionist. She's dedicated to helping you find the right path to holistic health and wellness.


Whether your goal is to reduce body fat, decrease stress levels, or train for athletic performance, Tamara can create a personalized program to take you there. With her expertise across multiple disciplines, you'll receive comprehensive mind-body coaching.


It's time to achieve your ideal physique through an enjoyable, sustainable approach. Book your first session at Mind Body Connection today!


"Higher energy levels so that you never have to feel like you’re about to crash mid-afternoon again"

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